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What’s So Special About the Blue Plate Special?

Blue Plate

Blue Plate Special

The traditional Blue Plate Special was a diner special: a “meat and three,” an affordable way to grab a filling meal back in the 1930’s or so. As legend has it, the special was typically served on an inexpensive divided plate that was available only in blue.

Our Vegetarian Blue Plate Special stays faithful to the original idea of a filling, complete meal – but we transform the meat & sides into a sampler of 5 vegetarian items. A typical sampler includes several different veggies, a potato or grain (like quinoa, farro or jasmine rice), at least one type of cheese, and another protein source like lentils or tofu.

Even if you’re not the tofu type, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to love this special. Omnivores order it all the time. The variety of flavors, colors and textures seems to be irresistible. And just like the rest of our menu, the Blue Plate Special always highlights local ingredients in season.

Check out the Smart Kitchen blog for a delightful review of one of our Blue Plate Specials (and while you’re there, explore Sarah’s fun stories & recipes).

And in case you’re wondering, yes, we serve the Blue Plate Special on a blue plate!



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Chef Curtis Shaver broadens the horizon for local, seasonal ingredients by pairing with unexpected flavors. Charlottesville Restaurant Week begins Saturday, July 18, and continues through Saturday, July 25. The dinner
Pork and beans never tasted so good. Chef Curtis Shaver builds this dish around bone-in local pork: a thick-cut 12-ounce chop, marinated with orange juice and tangy ancho chili, then