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Tastings: Stubborn Boy


The Stubborn Boy: Bombay Dry Gin, Courvoisier, Bitters, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice and Ginger Beer

The Stubborn Boy is a brunch drink so delicious, it made the leap to a permanent spot on our everyday drink list.

It all started when we first began serving Sunday brunch in 2014. Our mixology team jumped at the chance to create a brand new menu of refreshing, morning-friendly mixed drinks.

We searched far and wide for the perfect glassware: something that would handle the right amount of booze and the right amount of ice, without needing too much mixer to fill it up. The coupe, a stemmed glass with a broad, shallow bowl, turned out to be a perfect fit.

Our coupes are flavor-driven, rather than alcohol-driven. They go down a little lighter than our classic house cocktails, which tend to feature a heavy Martini-style pour.

The Stubborn Boy was inspired by famed bartender Salvatore Calabrese’s book How to Cure a Hangover – a book loaded with gin & citrus drinks featuring bitters and other “palliative” ingredients.

We set out to craft a rejuvenating, flavorful cocktail that will perk you right up. And so the Stubborn Boy was born.

“If the drink is made right, you’d be hard pressed to name any of the ingredients,” says Manager Greg Vogler. “It hits on multiple flavors. The ginger beer is spicy, with its sweetness balanced by Angostura bitters. Citrus adds a tangy kind of spice. And then you have the unexpected combination of gin and cognac.”

“All of those are relatively strong flavors on their own. The smoothness of the cognac mellows the whole thing out, so it’s not so sharp,” Greg says. “If it’s too in-your-face, it isn’t doing its job as a hangover cocktail.”

Try the Stubborn Boy when you visit Hamiltons’ for dinner, lunch, or a quick pick-me-up. And look for the full coupe menu next time you enjoy Sunday brunch with us!



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