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St. Paddy’s Pork Pastrami

As much as we love fine dining, it’s fun to enjoy top-notch food in a more casual atmosphere sometimes. And if it happens to be a party with lots of good beer and green decorations, so much the better!

Chef Curtis Shaver will celebrate St. Paddy’s Day at Starr Hill Brewery this weekend by once again facing off against two great local chefs in a culinary throw-down.

His pork pastrami sandwich will put the “Sandwich Lab touch” on a Reuben, Curtis said. It starts with pork brisket cured in pickling liquid, similar to corned beef. Curtis and his team will add their secret pastrami spice rub, smoke the meat, and slice thinly.

“Smoking the pastrami in-house lets us put our spin on it and choose our flavors,” Curtis said. And of course, pork pastrami is a must, for a contest that’s officially called the “St. Piggy’s Throwdown.”

At Starr Hill this Saturday, Curtis will serve up hot pastrami on an everything roll from Albemarle Baking Company – topped with Irish cheddar, whole grain Dijonnaise, and pickled Brussels sprout slaw. Pair it with Starr Hill Reviver Red IPA.

Curtis is the reigning king of Starr Hill’s Oktoberfest cuisine contest, with back-to-back wins. He’s looking to round out his trophy shelf with a St. Paddy’s victory. “It’ll be nice if I can win both. Then I can retire from the Starr Hill circuit,” he joked.

“Starr Hill always puts on a great event,” Curtis said. “Win or lose, it’s a blast hanging out with other chefs at a brewery. Not a bad day at work.”

St. Paddy’s at Starr Hill Brewery is Saturday, March 18, 12pm to 7pm at 5391 Three Notch’d Road in Crozet. Tickets are $17 in advance or $20 at the door.



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