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Tune Up and Chow Down at Peloton Station

Coming soon… a new branch on the Hamiltons’ Family Tree

Chef Curtis Shaver has a secret identity.

We all know him as a genius in the Hamiltons’ kitchen, but did you know that on his day off he trades his tongs for a wrench and moonlights as a bike mechanic?

“It’s always been a hobby and a passion of mine,” Curtis says. As an avid cyclist, he taught himself to do tune-ups and repairs. When fixing friends’ bikes and refurbishing vintage cycles just wasn’t enough, Curtis picked up a part-time gig as a mechanic at Performance Bikes in Charlottesville.

Along the way, Curtis found himself wondering, “How can I combine food and bikes?” Lucky for us, that question is about to have an answer.

This spring, Curtis will partner with Hamiltons’ co-owner Bill Hamilton and manager Greg Vogler to open Peloton Station, a cycle-centric tavern and bike kitchen, located on 10th Street NW in midtown Charlottesville.

Curtis will serve as general manager, overseeing a menu of “high-gear” sandwiches and salads, craft beers, and a bike shop serving up while-you-wait tune-ups and repairs. He will continue to serve as Executive Chef at Hamiltons’. Bill and Greg will contribute their expertise and experience from Hamiltons’ as well as their other ventures, Gearharts Fine Chocolates, Sticks Kebob Shops, and Verdigris Clothier.

Bike cafés are popular in Europe but fairly new in the U.S. Everyone from serious cyclists to occasional riders and non-cyclists can drop in to enjoy great food and craft beer, celebrate bike culture, talk shop with the on-site mechanics, and get repairs done quickly.

Curtis says waiting several days for a bike repair is typical at most Charlottesville shops. At Peloton Station, he wants customers to “grab a beer and hang out in the shop while they get a flat fixed.”

The café is scheduled to open in April 2018. We’ll share more delicious details as the date gets closer.

In the meantime, Peloton Station is offering a limited number of investment opportunities for Hamiltons’ customers, friends and community members to get involved. Interested? Contact for more information, or stop by Hamiltons’ and speak with one of our managers.



  • Hamiltons'

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  • Monday: 11:30am-3:00pm | 5:00-9:00pm
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  • Sunday: 10:30-2:30pm Brunch


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