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Jeremy Webb is our new Chef de Cuisine

Chef de Cuisine Jeremy Webb and Executive Chef Curtis Shaver

You’ve probably heard the news: Chef Curtis Shaver is partnering with two of our owners to open Peloton Station, the latest addition to the Hamiltons’ family of restaurants.

We’re over the moon about the new place. Peloton is a cycle-centric sports bar and bike shop, opening this month on 10th St. It’ll be Cville’s new home for killer sandwiches, cold beer, and while-you-wait bicycle repairs. Curtis, who’s been moonlighting as a bike mechanic for years, will be the general manager.

“But wait,” you’re probably thinking. “Won’t Hamiltons’ be losing your star chef?”

Nope! We have a dream team lined up, and Curtis is still on our roster. Here’s how it works:

As Executive Chef, Curtis will continue to manage employees and help with menu creation. “I’ll keep the vision going that we’ve established here,” he said.

Jeremy Webb, our longtime sous chef, will take over daily operations in the kitchen as Chef de Cuisine. He’s worked with Curtis for more than three years, and they expect a seamless transition.

“Our cooking styles are very much in line,” Jeremy said. “That was true even before I started working here. I really enjoy using local ingredients; things taste different when they come from three miles away.”

Jeremy learned to cook at Richmond’s Zeus Gallery Café under Daniel Williamson. He started out washing dishes at age 17 and worked his way up, learning classic French technique and a range of international styles along the way.

After moving to Charlottesville five years ago, Jeremy worked with Ian Boden at the Glass House Kitchen. He spent some time baking bread on the 8pm to 4am shift at Albemarle Baking Company, helped open Red Pump Kitchen, and eventually made his way to Hamiltons’.

Jeremy says one of the first items on his to-do list is building up his personal relationships with local farmers. Rapport with growers is vital for a menu that highlights fresh flavors and spectacular ingredients.

“It’s one of the coolest things about this job – farmers will call and tell you what they have, and that steers the direction of my specials,” he said. “I love it when a forager shows up at the back door or calls when they picked up something wild and fresh.”

A gardener who grows his own peppers and tomatoes, Jeremy is looking forward to getting tomatoes, corn and okra in season. And we’re looking forward to seeing what he does with them!

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